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Sunday Craft

Remaining dry overnight is the last step our daughter Penny needs to overcome to be finally free of diapers. OK, so right now she doesn’t seem to mind too much, but we are looking forward to the day we don’t need them anymore. To that end we set up a chart that logs the days where she wakes up dry. She gets a sticker for everyday dry, and once filled she gets a reward. We were on our second chart. She got a toy for the first one. This second one we promised here a trip to the movie theater. It’s bribery, yes, but it works for the most part.

We finally filled up the second chart so we headed to the theater Sunday morning to see Disney’s Planes . Unfortunately, somehow a mistake was made and we got the showtime wrong. The first show was not at 10:30, but rather at 12:30. Crying ensued. We promised to come back that evening after Sarah worked, but a reasonable solution for adults is not so reasonable to a 3-year old. What to do to ease the pain of a broken heart?

Luckily there was a craft store nearby. I suggested that we head inside to look for something to do to pass the afternoon. This worked as Penny then ran as fast as she could to the store. We looked around looking for something that was both fun and easy enough for a young one. We ultimately decided on suncatchers to paint. We got a puppy for Penny and a Halloween owl for myself.

After lunch, a nap and Sarah’s departure for work we got started. Here is Penny ready to go with a little help from current favorite stuffed animal Lamby.

Crafting with Lamby

Getting started

Penny of course started with blue as it is her favorite color. We put Lamby to the side as he was mostly painting himself rather than the suncatcher.

Over the Shoulder

Painting the Catcher

Penny loves painting and this was a good craft for us.

Hey Dad

Smiley Craft

Here’s the final results. Penny picked out the wing color of my owl and helped paint it. I helped her with the Puppy’s ear.

FInished Product

My Owl

Penny's Dog

She wants to make a suncatcher for all her cousins now. She is so sweet and generous.


We did end up catching Planes that evening. Penny loved it, though there were some parts where she cried that were not her “favorite parts.”

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Pathway to Success


Goal #1: Organize the materials by This weekend.

Status: Success

Now time to make Goal #2. This project is going to entail a number of photographs per post. Mostly of food, but there will be some craft projects in there as well. Most of the work will be done in the kitchen. Our kitchen however is full of distracting backgrounds. Whether it’s the patterns of Granite on the counter, the tiled table, or the awful southwestern theme on our walls (seriously, how have we been here 6 years without repainting yet? near future project) So I will need a sufficient background to photograph these things. Should I make a photo box? Should I try to get a simple tablecloth and simple backdrop? I will do some research into food photography and get this sorted out

We are now 10 days away from the project.

Get it Together

I have three weeks to go. Only 21 days to prepare for this project I am undertaking. I have already done a lot of the initial planning. I do need to finalize those plans and to organize. After that I need to make the purchases to follow through with the plans. Basically it is all a matter of logistics right now. The important thing is to not let time run out on me. I don’t want to find myself 20 days from now rushing to make some final decisions. It would be nice to have everything run smoothly once October hits. Yes, there might be a few snags during the process, but I don’t want it to be because of any poor planning on my part. I’m not too concerned about that even though I have been known to procrastinate. Even though I have procrastinated. I thought I would have been done by now. Still, I can’t let this time go to waste, so it’s time to buckle down, and get serious in wrapping this stuff up.

What I am nervous about is maintaining this thing as it progresses. I am nervous that my excitement and motivation will wane. 31 days is a long time. I am also nervous about the writing involved, and the pictures I will use. Will they be good? Will they be interesting? I think I may need some outside positive reinforcement Feedback during the event will probably help as well so I hope the audience provides.

Here’s my next goal (It’s not the first goal, but the first one put down) Organize the materials by This weekend. This way I will know exactly what I am doing and when I will be doing it. I will also be able to add or subtract if necessary. Then I can use the following weeks to get what I need and mentally prepare myself.