P is for Penny

Day 8:

Sometimes living with a 3 year-old can drive you crazy. “Mommy Play with me,” “Daddy play with me.” All. Day. Long. You just want to scream and be left alone for just one minute. So what can you do? Well, we are still learning. You can bite the bullet, suck it up and play with them (this can work, but you can’t do it all the time. I mean how many pretend dinners can a grown man eat?). You can ignore them (doesn’t work, not recommended) Or you can avert their pleas with a special treat. Not candy, but rather a fun activity that you don’t do that often. That’s what I did tonight.

When I planned this month a few weeks ago I scheduled today to do a small craft that I found. Just a simple construction paper P with pumpkins glued to it that I found at No Time for Flash Cards. It would be quick, easy and fun hopefully. After all Penny loves the letter P (for obvious reasons) and she loves crafts. I mainly planned it for today because we needed a break from food. So I had no way of knowing that Penny was going to stress me out with her neediness the last few days. I had been playing with her for the last couple of days and I needed a break. Unfortunately I kind of ignored her yesterday and today I felt guilty about it. So when I got home from work and she wanted to play I suggested we do the craft. She loved the idea.

So I grabbed a green foam sheet, cut out a P and drew some pumpkins. Penny did a remarkable job drawing a line in the shape of the P.

Coloring the Pumpkins

Coloring the Pumpkins

We then cut out the pumpkin shapes and glued them on.

Looking sharp.

Looking sharp.

Gooey Glue.

Gooey Glue.

The Final Results.

P is for Pumpkin


I had fun and so did Penny. And afterwards? She was a little less demanding. Sometimes all a kid needs is a little diversion. Something different from the norm. Will it work all the time? Probably not. Will I be frustrated and stressed again when she is needy? Of course I will. But tonight, tonight was alright.


We are moving tomorrow’s Pumpkin Pie to later in the month and replacing it with Pumpkin Chocolate Salt Caramel Cupcakes. We will keep a few and donate the rest to the Garfield Heights Harvest event this weekend. Thursday we are adding Pumpkin to Macaroni and Cheese. Will it work out?






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