Candy Pretzel Pumpkins

Day 16: I did not anticipate being home for the candy making process this evening but my plans fell through and, therefore, I got a chance to participate as photographer, Penny helper and blogger for today’s pumpkin activity.

chocolately covered pretzel candies

chocolately covered pretzel candies

We found this candy covered pretzel idea on Pinterest as that is where a lot of valuable information is stored these days for all things clever and crafty.  It was a great way to get the whole family together and get our hands dirty.  Chris and Penny started off the evening sorting out the green M&Ms from other colors and then went outside to play for a little while. SONY DSC

When it was finally time to get started, Chris melted the orange candy disks and I made a real effort to get out of the way.  As the oldest child of seven, I have a tendency to be a little bossy so since this was his show I stepped out of the way.  I returned to the scene when I found Chris’ hands were too dirty to assist Penny with her messy hands.  There is no way she could get messier and she had a great time. In the end we even let her lick her hands.


Chris and Penny making candy

Chris and Penny making candy

a good lick-y day

a good lick-y day

She was so excited and replied that it was a “good lick-y day” as she managed to a do a technique I like to call the “lick and squish”.

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