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Pumpkin Painting

Day 22:
When researching for these 31 days of pumpkins I came across a couple of fun looking designs for pumpkin painting. My two favorites were the candy corn pumpkins and the minion pumpkins.
candy corn pumpkin



Candy Corn for us because we love it, and Minions for Penny because she loves them.

So we went to the store and grabbed a family of pumpkins for ourselves. A Daddy pumpkin, a Mommy Pumpkin and a baby Pumpkin. We also picked up some paint and brushes.

When we got home I set up the paint space while Sarah made us dinner. Penny had her smock on and I had the newspaper down. It was time to get going. As fun as the two designs were I decided to just make something up. Partly because I wanted to get Penny involved and I didn’t think she was going to follow a pattern. Also, because I wanted to do my own thing.

Let's Do it!

Let’s Do it!

Working Hard

Working Hard

Started off as just a Jack O' Lantern

Started off as just a Jack O’ Lantern

Penny's Rainbow

Penny’s Rainbow

Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry

I had initially was doing a run of the mill Jack O’ Lantern face, which turned into a witch face, which turned into a clown face, which turned into the Luchador thing above. Penny’s is rainbows and other colors. Sarah kept us fed so she didn’t paint with. She said she would carve her pumpkin¬†later. But that is a post for next week.



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